Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

My father summed up the entire science of accomplishment with one sentence when I was 9 years old. “The successful people in life always do the things unsuccessful people are not willing to do.” Learning how to use “shortcodes” inside of a WordPress theme may not sound like partying to the average person, but without a strong, intense connection to mastering the fundamentals you may never get to party on a “Real Boat”!

Its out on the edge of discomfort and almost psychological pain that the big breakthroughs happen. The brain-sweating effort on a problem or opportunity that nobody else cares about or possibly nobody on the planet knows even exists.

Hanging it all out there – giving 100% with no CNN or cameras, just you and the vision of perfection that exists only in your mind.  No comforting “at-a-boys”, no understanding or feedback or profits — all – risk – expenses – discomfort – confusion. Fresh tracks


Fear of death

Fear “not living”

don’t save anything for the swim back


The quitting conversation

The brain immediately begins playing tricks on you as soon as you internally or externally commit to a direction.

Protect The Downside – The Upside Will Take Care Of Itself –

Evidence based thinking – what do i believe that is false – what am i pretending not to see? Risk management — what is the minimum viable working model

If your going To Float Big Ships, You Have To Go Where The Water Is Deep



“Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains.”

Thomas Carlyle

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