Expose Underperforming Annuities in 30 Seconds

Let’s face it, if you sell annuities or financial products, you are in the replacement business. Your prospects walk into your office with their dollars already invested in a manner that they believed was in their best interest at the time they made the transaction. Before a prospect opens up to a new strategy, you must first convince them that you understand their situation.  To paraphrase Stephen Covey; “seek first to understand, then be understood.”
This Thursday at 10 am PST; we will be teaching the newest methods for breaking down your client’s annuity performance in a way that instantly inspires confidence and results. You can show; annual growth rate, the total fee percentage, dollar amount of fees, fees as a percent of growth, and net growth with five pieces of information available on the front page of any annuity statement.
In this training, you will learn how to quickly expose and destroy all but the very best contracts after several minutes of “reality therapy.” You will take complete control of any meeting regarding annuities and quickly show them information their current advisor didn’t even know existed.
Also, you will learn how 1% turns into 29%, how to provide 20-40% more income without “account-draining” income riders and increase account legacy values by an average of $100,000 per client.
See you on the training.  Register Here: Registration.
P.S. These strategies work with Fixed Annuities, Variable Annuities, and Investment Accounts.

About AnnuityCheck: Technology has revolutionized many aspects of business, perhaps none more so than the financial industry which has gained incredible efficiencies. The new software reduces workloads, increases productivity, and improves accuracy and access to millions of data points.

AnnuityCheck brings those advantages to the cloud, enabling Advisors to benefit from transformative technology and innovation.

AnnuityCheck recently launched Annuity Snapshot, giving our customers access to best-in-class class data on any annuity contract in less than 30-seconds. AnnuityCheck customers taking advantage of this new process will be able to automatically calculate the gross rate of return, fee percentage, fee dollar amount, show fees as a percentage of growth, and provide the net return after all expenses and withdrawals. Also, lost opportunity costs as a result of the fees can be calculated. This lets Agents and Advisors focus on more strategic goals such as helping clients analyze results and make more informed financial decisions.

Our integration also enables our customers to eliminate many tedious, manual processes. Without this kind of capability, many Advisors are forced to enter performance related data into Excel, manually manipulate it, and spend hours trying to get the final results. Our software eliminates this process and the inherent opportunities for errors that manual manipulation brings.

AnnuityCheck strives to provide finance professionals with comprehensive tools to provide crucial calculation processes for prospects and clients in real time. Our new Annuity Snapshot makes it easier than ever to generate real-time results using easily available statement information, creating a whole that’s greater than the sum of the parts.

3 Types of Annuities that you should replace now
3 cringe-worthy results that justify annuity replacement
3% Internal Rate of Return Since Issue
Fees less than 25% of Growth Since Issue
Income rider return greater than 3% ROR at Life Expectancy
Annuities with with lower than a 3% Internal Rate of Return since issue
Annuities where the fees as a percentage of growth exceed 40%
Annuities where the GLIB rider
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