Increase Client Income 20-40% Without Riders

Income Under Management™ is a brand new solution that works better than conventional income planning methods.  It is can help you get clients to take action in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.
Click to watch a video that reveals the power of IUM and how it can easily help you…
– Boost your closing ratio by up to 300%
– Double or even triple your credibility in the first 10 minutes of meeting a prospect
– Out-perform “traditional” income planning advisors and as a result, gain more clients
– Make more money for both you and your clients
Plus, you’ll see exactly how IUM outperforms the: 4 percent rule, 2.6 percent rule, and expensive, account-draining income riders based on real retirement income amounts.
Regardless of if you sell annuities, do AUM or any combination, the game is about to change in a big way. The days of selling products or investments without detailed disclosure of fees and compensation is quickly coming to a close. This Wednesday we are going to spend 35 minutes showing how you can turn the forthcoming regulatory changes into a true actuarial edge for both you and your clients.
Using AnnuityCheck™ combined with your favorite carriers such as:
Athene, Allianz, AIG, American Equity or any hypothetical asset, we are going to give you the ability to precisely calculate income strategies that will put you in an entirely new class in your local market.
AnnuityCheck™ has developed the most powerful income illustration system in the world and we are doing a full test drive this Wednesday at 9:00 am PST to let you see why top producers are using our technology to take their production to new levels without using costly income riders and providing 20-40% payout increases to clients and prospects.
We will be sharing these “Must Have” illustration capabilities:
1: Growth Only (No Withdrawals)
2: Specified Withdrawal Amount
3: Maximum Income
4: Maximum Income w/ SPIA
5: Maximum Income w/ JT SPIA
6: Minimum Deposit Annuity (solve for needed income)
You can quickly switch carriers, products, strategies and Illustration types. On top of generating substantial payout increases, you will save  you and your staff 5-10 hours weekly in preparing and designing cases.
Do the New DOL Regulations and Future Commission Disclosures Have You Gasping for Breath?
If YOU still require products with income riders and 8% upfront compensation just to make 6-figures, you might be in BIG, BIG Trouble.
But that’s good news…
It’s good news, if you’re willing to reach out for the lifeline we’re about to toss you.
1: Use DOL Guidance to Double Your Annuity Production In 2016
2: Create Level Commission Illustrations Based on Product and Withdrawals
3: How to Calculate Exactly Which Products Will Make You the Most (The answers may surprise you)
4: How to Use the Gold Standard of Finance (Internal Rate of Return) to Prove Your Strategies to Clients
Whenever the industry shakes things up, it’s a chance for shrewd, savvy advisors to swoop in and make a killing, while the Chicken Littles run around shouting, “The sky is falling the sky is falling!”
But you must pay very close attention.
You can give you and your clients a six-figure raise and create an unbeatable advantage in the annuity income market. You are going to gain a new momentum. Nothing beats momentum. You go from victory to victory while your competition struggles with out-dated income riders.
The rules have changed. It’s time to master the new ones. Our software company has grown 847% since January 1st. Find out what your competition is up to, before your clients do.
Your new actuarial advantage and training begins this Wednesday at 9:00 AM PST.
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