World Record Training


Steve Hutchinson 606 LB Attempt, Age 18

It came to me suddenly. It was 4:30 a.m. and my alarm sounded off just as painfully planned. I struggled to a sitting position on the edge of my bed, and manged to pull on a set of sweats. In a state of languor, I went upstairs to await the arrival of my training partner. I answered the door, and through eyes half-glued shut by sleep, I vaguely recognized Owen Fields, and recalled that I had been brainwashed into following him through one of his regular fifty sets per body part “insanity workouts.” I opened the door and and the frigid air and Owen stepped in together. The early morning air filtered through my sweats causing an awakening chill to run up my spine. I met the warmth of his car with much anticipation, but also with the horrid clear thought of what awaited me at the gym just thirty minutes away. Owens eyes spoke for him as he drove through the night air like a man obsessed.

We arrived at the gym feeling like Roman gladiators preparing ourselves for victory in battle. We unlocked the door and stepped inside. The gym looked like an ancient fighting arena with stories of heroic efforts painted on the weights.

After a short warm-up, we started lifting and my mind became totally preoccupied with every detail of training. Soon we found ourselves putting forth extra effort to lift more weight. We ended our workout with almost one hour of non-stop sit-ups and thirty repetitions in the deadlift (raising a weight from the floor to a standing position) with 300 lbs.

After the workout, a cold shower brought me back to a level where i could be accepted by an average society. When we left the gym, there was a faint sign of the sun over the horizon. We stopped at Dillon’s and filled up a sack with protein laden “goodies” and headed for school.

As I walked to class, I could feel the deadening numbness in my back and thighs from three hours of brutally hard training. Just then, my teacher handed me a note from the office, reassuring me that I had to report to work that night to unload freight. That’s the beauty of it all – because I know through proper scheduling, I will never miss a workout.

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