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Calculate and Compare with Confidence.


Increase Income 20-40%

Calculate the largest possible income between any two ages using Maximum Withdrawal Strategies without “account-draining” rider charges.

Comprehensive Annuity Data

You can calculate return and withdrawal scenarios using over 430 FIA products along with their strategies. Our product information is provided by the oldest and most trusted name in carrier data aggregation.


SnapShot Cost Analysis

The system will determine the gross dollar amount gained, the rate of return (before costs), and the net IRR (Internal Rate of Return) after costs and fees. You can select an investment type, such as a variable annuity, original deposit date, deposit amount, carrier, product and current value. The system will populate the fee amounts for M&E, Admin and Expense Ratio for the selected carrier and product and reverse engineer the gross and net returns. You can then show the total fees as a percentage of growth.


Reduce Asset Depletion

Increase or Provide Client Income while using Fewer Investment Assets to obtain the Required Amount. Identify Hidden Cost Factors.

Compare Income Riders

Dynamically sort hundreds of income rider products based on client age and the age to start income. Quickly run scenarios based on client criteria and then add a full schedule of values (year by year) with a single click. You will no longer need a stand-alone application for running GLIB quotes.

Calculate Cash Flows

A simple report type that calculates income sources quickly and efficiently. Identify income gaps that can be addressed using various strategies such as AUM, guaranteed income options, and withdrawal strategies. You can then create a new report after making needed adjustments. Select and add your custom designed income calculations to the cash flow report for comparison.

Increase Wealth

Calculate and Compare different strategies to provide the maximum Internal Rate of Return based on the client’s objectives.

Full Comparison Functionality

Compare any two product scenarios – VA vs. VA, FIA vs. FIA, VA vs. Fixed, Fixed, Brokerage Account vs. VA or FIA, Income rider vs. withdrawal strategies, etc. Click on any two products for immediate comparison.


Create Client Maps

Create comprehensive Client Maps that chronicle and store your cash flow analysis, performance snap shots, illustrations, calculations, and comparison information into a single downloadable document that validates your fiduciary capacity. Use “Save All” to store your calculation settings under the client name so you can open all related reports in a single click.

Relevance of the Big Picture

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The Procedure

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World Record Training

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Using Mental Models

As part of my growing awareness of my own fallibility, I am constantly making an effort to improve on my mental models. I have been studying Charles Munger for years and he is a master at using filters to improve decision making. The quality of your life is truly...


I am constantly amazed at the number of people out there looking for the secret sauce to building a business or accomplishing some personal objective. They will travel thousands of miles and pay thousands of dollars to learn about some peripheral subject matter all...