Steve Hutchinson

My life has always been about high performance, some of my earliest memories were of quizzing my parents on detailed comparisons between the speed of bullet versus the Apollo space rocket or who would win the match between a Kodiak bear and killer whale. I became fascinated with learning about what makes people tick who do things on the edge. I studied Houdini and dare devils such as Evil Knevil.  when in Canada on vacation, I became obsessed with thinking about how I would construct a craft to survive the falls. At age nine, my parents enrolled me in Judo training where I prepared and competed in the Judo Junior Nationals Junior. Although I didn’t make it past the prelims, I had already become friends with self-inflicted pain and the direct correlation between preparation and results.

At age 16, I turned my focus towards getting bigger and stronger for football and wrestling.Anyone interested in working out or pushing things to the max, will identify with my “I like to jump off the building and then build my wings on the way down” approach to life. Before graduating high school and at a 180 pounds, I managed to set not just one, but several world records in the sport of powerlifting. After initially breaking the old record of 490 pounds with my 496 Lb effort, I managed to lift 523 pounds in the squat breaking my own record in the process. On top of that, I completed a 562 pound dead lift – a weight over 3 times his own! I retired from the sport aspect of powerlifitng after being featured on the TV series “PM Magazine”, I was dubbed “The Kid of Steel” by Steve Doocy, the host at the time who is now the lead host of Fox and Friends.

Setting records was invigorating, but the real value was in creating a conviction that I could accomplish “the impossible”, as long as I didn’t violate any physical laws of nature. The process of surpassing your own preconceived limits can be applied to anything, lifting weights is just a metaphor. So at the age 19, after deciding that continuing to pursue lifting heavier weights for it own sake would soon become redundant and ultimately damaging, I traded in my lifting platform for a marketing platform and 500 pound lifts for body-weight exercises.

In 2000, after having marketed a variety of financial related products and services since age 18, I invented and produced a marketing tool (calculator) for a direct marketing company that allowed CPA’s to quickly demonstrate to clients the tax savings associated with owning a legitimate business. In addition to royalties, I recruited and trained over 6,000 reps in 23 months to market the process. Although selling for others generated some nice commissions, I turned my focus and ability to “see around corners” to creating the “behind the scenes” incentives that would motivate others in the market place.
Operating as a direct marketing “hacker”, I developed several direct marketing software driven incentive programs utilized in over 90 countries generating millions of dollars of profits for those companies. In 2007 I started focusing his efforts to online marketing and in his first attempt, leveraged $70 of Internet software to add $1.5 million in profits to a business that provided key data to one of the largest European financial institutions in the World.

In early 2008, in coordination with the founder of Target Focus Training, a hand-to-hand fighting system, I helped develop a 72 video series monthly membership that reached into over 37 countries. 

In 2012 I founded a process that has evolved into a technology platform called PolicyCheck™ Inc. The platform provides trustees of small and medium sized banks a low-cost/high-value process for evaluating life insurance policies that are held in trust for their clients (Trust Owned Life Insurance). Our process was developed in coordination with a key channel partner that provides third-party, independent and objective analysis that determines funding adequacy and other key metrics. This actuarially-based analysis is currently being used by six of the top ten banks in the United States and is a key component of our value proposition.